Business Pens

Your business is not going to promote itself, unless its name and details is stamped on something that is visible everywhere. The expensive kind is called an advertisement, which usually bites off a huge chunk of your bank balance. The cheaper one but equally effective are business or promotional or corporate gifts. They are useful, easy on the wallet and attractive. As a reporter who has been to plenty of corporate events, the most effective way I have seen this marketing strategy being accomplished is through a humble pen.

As per a study, giving away any kind of business gift is a proven strategy, wherein 97% of recipients keep these promotional gifts, while the remaining 3% pass it on to others. This requires little work and money but can easily reach out to a large audience. All one has to do is select a good looking but inexpensive pen that has your company’s name and a few details printed on it; give them away to your associates, your friends, your family, stakeholders, clients and customers, and half of the marketing battle is won. Here are a few benefits of personalized business pens that will have you thinking about having one for your company.

1. Advertisement on the go: Well, you could have 8ft X 4ft hoarding panels of your company hung all over town, or have one of those LED advertisement board display your company’s best features. Or you could also give traditional media such as daily mail, TV or radio for your advertisement but those aren’t going to be a part of the audience’s day to day activity. A business pen, on the other hand is a living advertisement.

A pen comes in handy all the time. It is one accessory that most working people are bound to carry with them. And it is better when they are free and useful. With your company’s name, address, contact, services and logo printed on the pen, it is most likely that they will remember you when they need your service. Even if they pass on the pen to someone else, you are not at loss. The advertisement moves on to someone else.

2. Mass recognition in a cost-effective way: Although the other forms of advertisement are effective, the catch with promotional pens is that they are comparatively low on cost. Promotional strategy as such doesn’t only reach a wide audience but also leaves a lasting impression on the recipients. It is an investment that takes forth your company’s advertisement as well your bridges your relationship with your customer on a personal level.

3. Better usage: You could give away a business card to any person on the street in hopes that they would save it and remember you for your service, but that isn’t likely the case. Business cards are often cramped into a wallet slot and forgotten about. Try giving a useful promotional pen instead and it works as an alternative for business card while proving to be more useful. No one throws away a good pen and through that, your company will always be remembered.

But what makes a good business pen? Of course it has to work, almost flawlessly. It has to be attractive too. Unassumingly cheap is the next quality everyone should look for. But most of all, it should work as your company’s mascot. Customized business pens are the way to go. For instance, Thai airlines could use a pen that flaunts the same bright purple hue that their name uses. Psychologically, the color lends instant recognition. Stamp in the company’s name; if possible use the same font and design, add contact details, address and your service. Logos work well too in promotional pens. Now, give them away at any occasion to visitors, customers, employees, competitors, media, friends and family. These might be your gateway to success. You never know.

Pen for Women


Whether buying a gift for women is easy or not, is a debatable topic. While women may argue that the only thing they care about in a gift is the thought, others may argue that women are fussy about the gift they receive. Maybe we can help you out. Here is a list of pens for women that they will gladly accept.

Sheaffer 100 Greek Mythology Aphrodite Ballpoint Pen: The gloss-painted body of the Sheaffer 100 ballpoint is further given gorgeous silk-screen design. Flaunting the stories of ancient Greece, each ballpoint from this series illustrates either the thunder of Zeus, or the Aphrodite’s love, or the fierceness of Hades. This particular Aphrodite ballpoint is slim in structure, artistic in design and beautiful in functionality. The smooth pink body flaunts soft patterns in white. It is quintessentially a pen for women.

Cross Sentiment Ballpoint Pen: Dipped in shining, plush lacquer with gold for accents, the Cross Sentiment Ballpoint Pen is a woman’s writing instrument. With a removable heart-lock charm decorated on the clip, the pen oozes of romance. The pen also comes with a complimentary key charm and can be accessorized with your own charms as well. The pen comes in a number of finishes, mostly in colors that is close to a woman’s heart. This might just be a pen you are looking for.

Bic for Her: Although the Bic for Her ballpoint pens suffered a lot of criticisms from tons of men and women around the world, including sarcastic remarks on Ellen DeGeneres show, one cannot ignore the fact that these disposable pens are actually very pretty and work just fine. Designed with women in mind, the smooth pen comes in a plethora of soft, subtle colors and flaunts gorgeous floral patterns throughout the barrel. With cushioned grip and an ergonomic design, the pen functions well on paper with the Easy Glide ink. Feminism aside, you will enjoy the pen for what a pen matters most.

Montblanc Marlene Dietrich Special Edition Fountain Pen: If you are looking for something more expensive and iconic, Montblanc Marlene Dietrich Special Edition Fountain Pen might just be the right catch. The pen is made of 925sterling silver, and decorated with 16 diamonds and a sapphire. Fitted with rhodium-plated 18k gold nib the pen is the perfect embodiment of the independent and uncompromising star, Marlene Dietrich. For a lady who is a strong, assured role model, nothing befits more than this pen.

Caran d Ache Dunas Shiny Red Fountain Pen: The lush, deep red color of Caran d Ache Dunas Fountain Pen is what makes it a wonderful pen for women. It is sexy, bold and means business. The hexagonal body is coated in shimmering resin, with chromium-plated accents to compliment the rich color. Slim, comfortable and sturdy, the pen doesn’t only look beautiful but its chromium-plated steel nib is a performer on paper. It is a pen for women who have embraced today’s fashion but keep close to heart yesteryear’s elegance.

Pen for Men


When it comes to buying gifts for men, it might as well be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Whether it is for a father, a brother, a friend or a significant other, we will go through hundreds of things before settling on the one which we think he might like or he might want. But the response we get isn’t near close of what we expect. Either the gift isn’t treasured or whatever we give is torn down to a point that it loses any emotional or monetary value. To save you from similar gift crisis, we bring to a list of possible pen gifts. For eons now, a pen has been a symbol of education, style and prestige. What could be a better gift than a valuable, stylish pen?

Cross Apogee Black Star Lacquer Ballpoint Pen
The smooth sheen on the black lacquered ballpoint is enough to have anyone’s heart slip and spark romance. Cross Apogee Black Star Lacquer Ballpoint pen partners European Lacquer finish and chrome-plated accents to flaunt a flawless body of streamlined style and classic design. Its thick body makes it a pen fit for a man. Also available in other writing modes, you can select the one your man-in-question prefers most.

Caran d Ache Ecridor Chevron Rhodium Fountain Pen
One of the Swiss luxury writing instrument makers, Caran d Ache’s name alone is enough to specify how valuable this pen is. But what makes it special enough to be a gift is its meticulous chevron design. The slim body is coated in silver and rhodium, giving it not only a rich finish but strength and longevity as well. The steel nib is plated with rhodium which adds to its performance on paper. Stylish, sleek and sophisticated, this is an ideal pen for a hardworking and fashionable man.

Waterman Expert Deluxe Blue Obsession Ballpoint Pen
Maybe obsession isn’t the right word to describe this pen, but it has a definite pull about it. The shiny palladium-plated chiseled cap in contrast to the deep blue lacquered body is exciting. The cigar shaped structure will hold nicely in a big hand and is comfortable to feel as well. For any working man, who uses a pen everyday this pen will prove to the ultimate game changer. Waterman Expert Deluxe Blue Obsession Pen also comes in fountain mode.

Montblanc Meisterstuck Classique 90 years Ballpoint Pen
Show your appreciation towards the men who have always stood strong by your side by gifting him a Montblanc Meisterstuck Classique 90 years Ballpoint Pen. This limited edition pen in its lacquer coated body flaunts a guilloche engraving that immediately stands out and feels nice to the touch as well. Complimented by red gold-plated trims, this makes for an iconic gift for a man who is sophisticated and works hard.

Porsche Design P3115 Laser Flex Ballpoint Pen
If you can’t give him a Porche car then give him a Porsche Design P3115 Laser Flex Ballpoint Pen. It is a cool pen, to say the least, with flexible function on its stainless steel body. The body boasts patterns that are created by laser slots. When the button is pushed to write, the barrel responds wherein the slots on it contracts and releases. Like I said, it is a cool pen; cool enough to be a gift for your man. He will love it.

Sheaffer’s PFM
Introduced in 1959, the pen is available in five simple color choices: Black, burgundy, gray, blue and green. Accredited a vintage now, the pen was named “Pen for Men” to identify it with the masculine design that was emerging back them. Minimalistic, streamlined and soberly styled, this pen fits any gentleman’s profile. Gift it to a man who loves vintage goods and he will be very happy.

Pen Set
If you are lost for gift choices then a decent pen gift set would be ideal for men. These sets usually include cufflinks, fountain pens and ballpoint pens. But for instance, you can also find something like a Cross Black Credit Card Holder & Pure Chrome Stratford Ballpoint Pen Set.

Happy gift hunting!!

Montegrappa Batman Pen

Who said you need to have superpowers to be a superhero? Take a look at Batman and you know that being a superhero goes above and beyond the ability to release spider webs from your wrist or shoot laser beam from eyes. The DC Comics character which first made his appearance in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939 as the Batman, went on to become one of the most popular superhero character of all time. Also known as the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader or by his secret identity Bruce Wayne, the legendary hero has touched many of our lives; sometimes alone, sometimes as a team player in Justice League. And now, he is here to inspire us again, this time to write.

Montegrappa pens have introduced a new line of limited edition pens in their Cult series. Inspired and dedicated to Batman, the Batman pen series captures the spirit of the Caped Crusader, created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. A product of the partnership between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Montegrappa pens, there will only be 1939 Batman fountain pens and 1939 Batman rollerball pens; which is appropriate given that the number signifies the year of the superhero’s first introduction. According Montegrappa’s CEO Giuseppe Aquila, “Montegrappa’s Batman Limited Edition encapsulates the Dark Knight’s legacy for the joy of our fellow collectors, as well as for the legions of comic book aficionados around the globe.”

The pen itself is detailed to the T in terms of capturing the essence of Batman. The body which is built of aluminum has a black anodized finish that lends the dark grey hue that is reminiscent of Batman’s original costume as seen in the DC comic. The entire body surface is engraved with several bats that seem to be in flight mode. The cap band is embezzled with the Bat-signal logo that will remind many of the famous introductory bat-logo that loomed over the sky of Gotham city in the beginning of every Batman episode. Right below it is the Montegrappa logo.

The clip is a stylized shape of Batman, which is made of black ruthenium plated brass. The Batman fountain pen is fitted with a white 18k gold nib which is chiseled with the famous oval bat logo in a contrasting color. Along with the 1939 pieces of Batman rollerball and fountain pen, Montegrappa is also releasing 500 sets that include Batman wristwatch and cufflinks.

Montegrappa Batman pen is your opportunity to relive the unmatched legend of the superhero. The pens come in a fantastic keepsake packaging, which features a large bat symbol on the lid and a detailed sketch of Gotham city at night on the inside. Snatch one for yourself or gift it to an avid Batman fan. Do you hear the music yet? Batman is ready to fight crimes, are you?

International Peace Day

International Peace Day

When everyone around seems to be on the verge of killing each other and World War III looks like on the go, peace is one thing we need to be praying about every single day. On 21 September, you can do just that, but together with the entire world, as everyone celebrates the International Day of Peace, also known as World Peace Day.

This year, the theme of The International Day of Peace 2014, has been announced to be “Right of Peoples to Peace“. Appropriately chosen to mark the 30th anniversary of the General Assembly Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace, which “solemnly proclaims that the peoples of our planet have a sacred right to peace”. The day will work as an additional push to remind of the foundation UN was built on and its purposes, principles and commitments. The theme also promotes the recently launched “Rights Up Front” initiative which focuses on the significance of peace in order to enjoy the rest of the human rights.

The International Day of Peace was created in General Assembly Resolution 36/67 on 27 November 1981. In the year 1982, the first Peace Day was observed on the third Tuesday of September and continued to be the Peace Day until 2002. That year 21 September was announced as the permanent date for the International Day of Peace, to be observed globally. On this day, the UN invites nations and people all over the world to celebrate the day of peace through education and public awareness. The day sees millions of people across the world attending and organizing events that voice out the dire need for world peace and elimination of violence and war.

The inauguration of the day is special in itself, where the UN Peace Bell, made from coins donated by children from all continents except Africa, is rung at UN Headquarters. The bell was a gift from the UN Association of Japan, to remind the world of the human cost of war. An inscription engraved on its side reads, “Long live absolute world peace”. This year, lets come together and pray for absolute world peace and the end of violence, both big and small.