Monteverde Stylus Series

I saw a post on a social media a few months back regarding a separate lane for mobile users in China. That is how virtual the world has become. We do everything on the move and fast. And gadgets like smart phones and tablets have just made our fast paced life convenient and easier to cope with. In comes Monteverde Stylus Series.

Designed to work with capacitive touch screen devices, the Stylus pen from Monteverde functions in similar ways as does the Bamboo Stylus pens or Cross Stylus pens. Fitted with a precision stylus instead of a tip or a nib, the stylus pens are used to input commands on touch screen surfaces of a computer, mobile or tablets. As far as Monteverde is concerned it has taken a big leap with their stylus series. Not only do these pens work as a touch screen device, but is also a notch higher considering the writing instruments that they are fitted with.

Like, the touch screen stylus series from Cross and many other stylus makers, Monteverde stylus line also features a collection which has a ballpoint pen adjusted to one end of the tool, while the other end is mounted with the precision stylus. Monteverde called it the “One-Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pen”. However, it is pretty cool of Monteverde to design a stylus fountain pen. Even better is the “tool” collection, which lodges, not only a pen: fountain, ballpoint or rollerball, and a responsive stylus but also a phillips and flathead screwdrivers (located under the stylus top), a built in level inside the barrel, ruler and 3 different scale functions.

The Monteverde stylus series empowers today’s generation to live an active life on the move. The fast lane life requires us to be ready at all time, with the right tools and instruments. With Monteverde, such readiness is possible. But Monteverde is not the only one who has made an ingenious invention. There are USB stylus pen, which has a stylus on the tip for precise functioning with a touch-screen device and breaks open in the middle to reveal a USB. Companies that ace in the production of touch-screen phones and tablets have always been in the race of bringing out the best working stylus pens to complement their product. Samsung stylus pen and stylus from Apple are a few names that lead this race.

But regardless which company or brand leads the stylus making race, one cannot deny the fact that everyone is catching up. Stylus pens are the trendiest and perhaps the most user-friendly tool to work with tablets and phones; at least for now. Who know what will they come up with in the future?

Cross Stylus Pen

With the advent in digitization, everything from music to movies to written works is now available in the click of a button. We no more send handwritten letters to people, because there are faster mediums; emails and phone calls or text messages. We live in a virtual dimension, which has enabled a few things around us to change for the better.

Cross Stylus pen series is one of those good changes we eagerly wait for. When the first of the series hit, it was iconic. The Tech 1 collection from Cross Stylus series was designed to be the perfect match for the ever growing market of smart phones. Advertised as a “smart phone’s new best friend”, the pen glides smoothly through any capacitive touch-screen phones or tablets and saves the screen from oily smudges and fingerprints. Sleek, slim and stylish, the stylus pen came with a security tether which could conveniently be attached to the headphone slot of the device. Available in an impressive range of flamboyant colors to match your respective device, the touch screen stylus pen was designed to be precise and thus convenient. But Cross took it to the next level with the Stylus Tech 2.

The Tech 2 was a notch above than its predecessor. Designed to give its users the technical edge as well as a firm hold on tradition, the pen flaunted a ballpoint tip on one end and a narrow 6mm precision stylus on the other. The latter functioned in the same manner and gave equal performance satisfaction as stylus Tech 1 pen, while the ballpoint tip responded smoothly on paper. Both flawless gliders made the Tech 2 a hit among pen enthusiasts. The dual personality Tech 2 pen flaunted a sleek, slim body and was an assertive smasher in the market.

Next was the Tech 3+ stylus, which brought together the options of writing with a black ballpoint, a red ballpoint, 0.5mm mechanical pencil and working with a stylus tip on a touch-screen device. In an effortless twist of the pen, you have the option to write with a red or black ballpoint pen and a 0.5 mm pencil. The other end is the capacitive stylus which gracefully floats across your touch-screen smart phone or tablet. With the stylus and pen combo, you have the familiar writing instrument and the techno giant stylus in one device. The multi-functionality of the writing mode and the impressive stylus makes your creative ideas come alive in the manner that is best suited for you. Either work on your tablet or on a paper pad, you have the right weapon in your pocket.