Yard-o-Led Diplomat Ballpoint Pen

I personally find the streamlined body and elongated tip hood of the Yard-o-Led Diplomat ballpoint pen therapeutic. There is just something so relaxing to know that you can hold the pen around its snout, without dipping too close to the refill tip. I guess, it’s just me, but you cannot deny that it is a beautiful pen, although a little off than regular.

Hand crafted from solid silver, the stunning writing instrument comes either with patterns on its hexagonal barrel or with a smooth finish. Both one of them is exclusive and looks forever new with a single wipe. The sterling silver retains its razzle-dazzle even after a long time. Each Diplomat ballpoint pen is individually numbered and hallmarked like all Yard-o-Led pens. The push mechanized ballpoint pen has a straight barrel, which tapers down to become an elongated tip hood at one end and slightly bigger nut-like push button on the other end. This is popular, classic design of Yard-o-Led pens that has remained unchanged since 1934.

The clip is slightly curvaceous and pretty springy. There is no trouble whatsoever in getting the clip affixed to a pocket slip. It has the brand name engraved on the clip. At 4.5 inches, this is not a very long pen, so for people with massive hands the pen may prove to be a disaster. But otherwise, it is a perfectly good pen. It is slim too, which might hint towards light weight, but its all-silver body makes up for that. For a slim and short pen, the Yard-o-Led Ballpoint Pen has a substantial weight and feels sturdy.
The ballpoint pen comes with a Yard-o-Led ballpoint refill which writes stupendously well on paper. The pen is comfortable to use and the fact that it doesn’t have an appointed grip section lends freedom of space to the writers. Like I mentioned earlier, I like to hold the pen closer to the nib and this pen’s long tip-hood allows me to place my grip anywhere I please. There is a lot of space in between the tip and the beginning of the barrel, which is endearing. The hexagonal barrel prevents the pen from rolling, which is a deal-sealer feature for many.

The pen is delivered in a luxury presentation box and also comes with a polishing cloth. The writing instrument comes with a lifetime guarantee. A complete Yard-o-Led Diplomat writing instrument set also includes a mechanical pencil, which can be purchased separately if that is what you are looking for.

Founded in 1934 by a Mr. Brenner, Yard-o-Led pencil and pen company developed a pencil mechanism that enabled each pencil to hold 12 three-inch pieces of lead at one time; thus, its name. Today it is fondly called YOL and is known for a brilliant collection of fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens and mechanical pencils.

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