Defnitely Lokta pages.

There is a definite reason behind the sudden craze for Lokta paper. Exclusively hand-made and traditional in value, these acid-free papers are as personal as paper can get. Made from the inner bark of Daphne Cannabina, widely known as lokta bush and found in the highlands of Nepal, each step of the paper production; from the harvest to dyeing uses individual energy of the locals, without the use of electricity. Also, the fact that this tree has the ability to regenerate back to maturity within 2-4 years of pruning is an assurance of a stable forest ecology – meaning there is no harm made to the environment. The paper itself is high-quality, durable, and germ-resistant, not to forget extremely eco-friendly. Most importantly, the touch and look of the paper is what makes its purchase worthwhile. No wonder, the Nepali government has been using lokta papers for record keeping for ages.

Now, with Monk paper you get the opportunity to use this refined produce in various forms, ranging from notebooks, sketchpads, gift cards, wrapping papers and more. With Monk Papers and lokta, the possibilities are limitless.

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