Labor Day

Labor Day is an annual celebration that pays tribute to the achievements and contributions of the workers throughout the world. In America, it is observed on the very first Monday in the month of September. Originated during the 19th century labor movement and the Industrial revolution era, the first Labor Day was observed on September 5th 1882. This day was supposedly chosen by the union as it fell in between Independence Day and thanksgiving. Gradually, the idea of holiday for Working Men spread and caught up across the workers in the country and after more than a decade, after some states designated Labor Day, it was ultimately declared as a federal holiday in 1894.

The end of summer, this day symbolizes the end of gloomy period in the history of American Labors. As bizarre as it may sound right now, it was true that even after working for a 12 hours a day, seven days a week; it was difficult to acquire basic needs. To the dismay of Americans, not only the adults but even the kids had to face unbefitting toil, unsafe working conditions and low wages. This stipulation of late 1800s slowly but surely started taking a turn where labor unions were not just formed but their voice was now more audible. The wages were renegotiated, the unfeasible commands were protested and there were strikes and gatherings raising voice for Labor rights. The consequences weren’t all that pleasant however.

Even so, President Grover Cleveland wasn’t a supporter of Labor union and it was partly because of him that the American railroad union strike took a violent turn – he signed a law that cited that the first Monday in September will be celebrated as Labor Day. That was almost a century ago, yet still there is a mystification on who proposed the holiday. While some credit the co founder of the American Federation of Labor, Peter J. Mcguire while other records suggest the name of Matthew Maguire, a machinist to have proposed the holiday. The subsequent researches done also add evidence to the latter being the founder of this holiday.

A Day dedicated to the commencement of socio-economic upliftment of American labors has a considerable national importance but seems to be losing significance with time. The celebration should come ahead as a tribute to all the efforts that the Labor has put in to build a nation. Currently, apart from treating Labor Day as just a day off or a holiday, numerous parades can be observed that in fact demonstrates the spirit and vigor of the workers. The power of Labor rights and its significance of this are the major highlights of this special Monday. Though we have seen a change in the pattern of Labor Day celebration, the prominence has remained the same.

With various audiovisual and print mediums, mass displays have been a way of expression. Similar expressions happen throughout the globe but on different days. In Europe, Asia and various other parts of the world, May Day, the 1st of May is observed as a holiday to commemorate the value of labors in nation building.