Back to School Basics

Vacation is over and it is time to face school again. Are you ready? I know, you don’t want to be but look at the bright side. All your friends are going to be there. Together you can survive another school year, can’t you? If the answer is yes, then you better hit school in style. Here are some essential things you must have to go back to school this year.

1. Notebooks: You cannot possibly go to school without notebooks. How else can you take notes or do assignments? While there are lots of plastic-coated, fancy notebooks available all over, why not up the ante and get some eco-friendly lokta notebooks. Remember, eco-friendly is the new cool. Color and pattern is not an issue, since these durable, hardcover notebooks come in endless color options. Stand out in the crowd of hundreds of schoolmates with these super-cool lokta books.

2. Pens and pencils: Again. You cannot go to school without the most important tool – writing instruments. This year, skip the fuss of sharpening the regular pencils and go with mechanicals. They come in an array of colors and look smart too. If you are already using pens by now, it is time you used something worthwhile. Shop for a classic Montblanc or Parker. They are a keeper and will last you longer than your school. Plus, a stunner pen as such will draw some attention: something you might enjoy.

3. Erasers: If you are learning something, you are bound to make mistakes. So, add a bunch of erasers to your shopping cart. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to keep it boring. You can find a variety of exciting erasers at stationary stores these days. I used to be a big cartoon fanatic, hence I always created an army of cartoon shaped erasers. Pick a bunch of variants of your own preference and have fun making mistakes. But do make sure, they do their work well.

4. Supply Pouch: Once you have all the essentials at hand, find a nice big pouch to keep them all safe. Of course, you can throw them all in the bag pack, but finding them later will be a much easier task if they are all in the pouch. This article here was always on the top of my back-to-school list, even before I picked up the other essentials.

5. Lunchbox: Who wants to eat cafeteria lunch? I don’t. One thing is for sure, nothing beats Mom’s cooking, no matter if it is a humble peanut butter and jelly sandwich, mac and cheese or something fancy like a club sandwich (that is the fanciest lunch I ever packed to school). So be prepared. Get yourself a nice, strong, not-to-forget cool lunch box and you are set to go.

6. Bag pack: I don’t see why it is necessary to buy a bag pack every year, since a good one lasts more than a year, at least two easily. But, in case you still want a new one, make sure they are comfortable, big enough to hold your textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies, and durable. Remember, that you will be carrying this every day to school so keep it simple.

7. Clothing and Shoes: Since, school starts in summer, get a couple of pair of shorts and nice airy tops. Focus on the fall and winter clothes and stack up on sweaters, denims, hoodies and caps. At least buy enough undergarments and socks to last you each week. Buy comfy shoes. You don’t want to be spending most of the school time in uncomfortable shoes that give you blisters. Girls, go with ballerina flats, easy strap on shoes, sneakers and warm boots. For boys, sneakers, sports shoes and strap on shoes look great all year around.