Pen for Men


When it comes to buying gifts for men, it might as well be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Whether it is for a father, a brother, a friend or a significant other, we will go through hundreds of things before settling on the one which we think he might like or he might want. But the response we get isn’t near close of what we expect. Either the gift isn’t treasured or whatever we give is torn down to a point that it loses any emotional or monetary value. To save you from similar gift crisis, we bring to a list of possible pen gifts. For eons now, a pen has been a symbol of education, style and prestige. What could be a better gift than a valuable, stylish pen?

Cross Apogee Black Star Lacquer Ballpoint Pen
The smooth sheen on the black lacquered ballpoint is enough to have anyone’s heart slip and spark romance. Cross Apogee Black Star Lacquer Ballpoint pen partners European Lacquer finish and chrome-plated accents to flaunt a flawless body of streamlined style and classic design. Its thick body makes it a pen fit for a man. Also available in other writing modes, you can select the one your man-in-question prefers most.

Caran d Ache Ecridor Chevron Rhodium Fountain Pen
One of the Swiss luxury writing instrument makers, Caran d Ache’s name alone is enough to specify how valuable this pen is. But what makes it special enough to be a gift is its meticulous chevron design. The slim body is coated in silver and rhodium, giving it not only a rich finish but strength and longevity as well. The steel nib is plated with rhodium which adds to its performance on paper. Stylish, sleek and sophisticated, this is an ideal pen for a hardworking and fashionable man.

Waterman Expert Deluxe Blue Obsession Ballpoint Pen
Maybe obsession isn’t the right word to describe this pen, but it has a definite pull about it. The shiny palladium-plated chiseled cap in contrast to the deep blue lacquered body is exciting. The cigar shaped structure will hold nicely in a big hand and is comfortable to feel as well. For any working man, who uses a pen everyday this pen will prove to the ultimate game changer. Waterman Expert Deluxe Blue Obsession Pen also comes in fountain mode.

Montblanc Meisterstuck Classique 90 years Ballpoint Pen
Show your appreciation towards the men who have always stood strong by your side by gifting him a Montblanc Meisterstuck Classique 90 years Ballpoint Pen. This limited edition pen in its lacquer coated body flaunts a guilloche engraving that immediately stands out and feels nice to the touch as well. Complimented by red gold-plated trims, this makes for an iconic gift for a man who is sophisticated and works hard.

Porsche Design P3115 Laser Flex Ballpoint Pen
If you can’t give him a Porche car then give him a Porsche Design P3115 Laser Flex Ballpoint Pen. It is a cool pen, to say the least, with flexible function on its stainless steel body. The body boasts patterns that are created by laser slots. When the button is pushed to write, the barrel responds wherein the slots on it contracts and releases. Like I said, it is a cool pen; cool enough to be a gift for your man. He will love it.

Sheaffer’s PFM
Introduced in 1959, the pen is available in five simple color choices: Black, burgundy, gray, blue and green. Accredited a vintage now, the pen was named “Pen for Men” to identify it with the masculine design that was emerging back them. Minimalistic, streamlined and soberly styled, this pen fits any gentleman’s profile. Gift it to a man who loves vintage goods and he will be very happy.

Pen Set
If you are lost for gift choices then a decent pen gift set would be ideal for men. These sets usually include cufflinks, fountain pens and ballpoint pens. But for instance, you can also find something like a Cross Black Credit Card Holder & Pure Chrome Stratford Ballpoint Pen Set.

Happy gift hunting!!

Montegrappa Batman Pen

Who said you need to have superpowers to be a superhero? Take a look at Batman and you know that being a superhero goes above and beyond the ability to release spider webs from your wrist or shoot laser beam from eyes. The DC Comics character which first made his appearance in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939 as the Batman, went on to become one of the most popular superhero character of all time. Also known as the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader or by his secret identity Bruce Wayne, the legendary hero has touched many of our lives; sometimes alone, sometimes as a team player in Justice League. And now, he is here to inspire us again, this time to write.

Montegrappa pens have introduced a new line of limited edition pens in their Cult series. Inspired and dedicated to Batman, the Batman pen series captures the spirit of the Caped Crusader, created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. A product of the partnership between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Montegrappa pens, there will only be 1939 Batman fountain pens and 1939 Batman rollerball pens; which is appropriate given that the number signifies the year of the superhero’s first introduction. According Montegrappa’s CEO Giuseppe Aquila, “Montegrappa’s Batman Limited Edition encapsulates the Dark Knight’s legacy for the joy of our fellow collectors, as well as for the legions of comic book aficionados around the globe.”

The pen itself is detailed to the T in terms of capturing the essence of Batman. The body which is built of aluminum has a black anodized finish that lends the dark grey hue that is reminiscent of Batman’s original costume as seen in the DC comic. The entire body surface is engraved with several bats that seem to be in flight mode. The cap band is embezzled with the Bat-signal logo that will remind many of the famous introductory bat-logo that loomed over the sky of Gotham city in the beginning of every Batman episode. Right below it is the Montegrappa logo.

The clip is a stylized shape of Batman, which is made of black ruthenium plated brass. The Batman fountain pen is fitted with a white 18k gold nib which is chiseled with the famous oval bat logo in a contrasting color. Along with the 1939 pieces of Batman rollerball and fountain pen, Montegrappa is also releasing 500 sets that include Batman wristwatch and cufflinks.

Montegrappa Batman pen is your opportunity to relive the unmatched legend of the superhero. The pens come in a fantastic keepsake packaging, which features a large bat symbol on the lid and a detailed sketch of Gotham city at night on the inside. Snatch one for yourself or gift it to an avid Batman fan. Do you hear the music yet? Batman is ready to fight crimes, are you?

Waterman Exception Pen Review

Waterman Exception Pen

If you are giving any product a name such as “Exception”, it better lived up to it. Waterman, sure knows how to do it.

Breaking away from the conventional rounded shape of a pen, Waterman went on to create a series of pen that is square in shape. Befittingly named Waterman Exception, the pen is a genius conception that has been brilliantly brought to life, despite the difficulties it might have faced in the making. It has definitely added a feather to Waterman’s hat, considering the immense skill and dedication it must have took.

The lacquer finish on the body gives a glossy, smooth effect to it. The end of the barrel has a blank platinum plated blind cap. A think platinum-plated barrel band has Waterman and France engraved on either side – a trademark in Waterman pens. The pull-off cap has cap has a luxurious platinum-plated trim too. The top of the cap has a round black lacquer medallion with the emblem “W” embedded on it. The silver plated clip is a classic Waterman clip with the slit in the middle. The pen weighs a total of 55gms with the 19gms owned by the cap alone. Hence, it is quite a labor to attach the cap to the barrel and write; an inconvenience for many.

Since the body is squarely shaped, the pen doesn’t have a section thread. Interestingly, they have introduced bayonet system, which cleverly does the job of keeping the barrel and the nib-part of the pen realigned. The nib on the fountain pen version is rhodium-plated, 18kt gold, yet quite flexible, wet and thus gives an easy, smooth writing experience. Then again, Waterman are known for their high-performing nibs. The grip on the pen is more rounded than the body, so there is no discomfort when writing.

The Exception series of Waterman comes in three different styles: Night and Day, Slim and Ideal. The former and the last of the Waterman are very similar, except that the former bears grey stripes on either side of squared plush body and the latter doesn’t. Both of these are available in fountain pen (medium and fine nib only) and rollerball versions only. The available colors are black and gold, and black and silver. Waterman Exception Slim, however, is available in rollerball, fountain and ballpoint version, with more color options to choose from. All in all, the Waterman Exception pen series is definitely a head turner and unique. All the versions available are high in performance and won’t let the writer down. And just like the pen which is pushing the boundaries in pen designing, it evokes the desire in the user too, to be more creative and out-of-the-box.

The brainchild of Lewis Edson Waterman, an insurance broker, the company’s first factory was set in 1883. Stories say that Waterman was so disgusted by the low quality of a pen on one occasion that he decided to develop a worthy fountain pen. And today, Waterman’s determination has truly been fruitful. You don’t have to look beyond Waterman Exception to know that.

Parker 5th Technology Ingenuity Review

Parker is considered to be the epitome of fine writing instruments. Founded by George Safford Parker in 1888, in Janesville, Wisconsin, the pen brand represents reliability, innovation, revolution and class styling. Probably one of the finest pens ever to come from America, Parker has a glorious history ornamented with monumental pen variants. Amidst it all, stands the 2011 Parker 5th technology Ingenuity, marketed by Parker as “innovative and modern”, which “intuitively adapts to your writing style in seconds for an effortlessly smooth, easy glide feeling”. Let’s find out.

The pen comes in a nice case and upon opening reveals a shiny, attractive pen. There are a bunch of finishes and patterns this pen is available in so, you don’t need to worry about not finding the right color or the right pattern. The color options are coupled with gold or chrome plated trims. The pull off cap comes with a springy arrow clip. The cap band has Parker etched on it along with its emblem and date code. The cap button is simple with the Parker emblem etched on it. The barrel tapers down beautifully. There is nothing exceptional about its structure, nothing that we have not seen before.

What is new is hidden beneath the cap. Inside is a metal grip section which is spacious enough to be comfortable when writing for long hours. But the most significant aspect of the pen is the new nib/tip, about which different people have different opinions. For me the nib is not much of a fountain nib because it resembles, both in look and performance, a fine liner or fiber tip. What gives it an edge is its hood-like design and the fake nib underneath. When you unscrew the barrel, you are welcomed not by a cartridge or a converter but a refill, which again is closer to ballpoint pens and rollerball pens than to a fountain pen. The refill twists out and when pushing it back makes a half turn to resume its original place, which actually is a smart concept.

It is a big, comfortably heavy pen, which will fit snuggly in any hand. The good thing about Parker is that its built is not poor and feels sturdy. It works decently well when the cap is posted as well. The performance on paper however lacks the beauty of a fountain pen. It gives line variations but it isn’t very pronounced. Skipping should be expected unless used upright or perpendicular to the paper like a ballpoint. What bothers me is the fact that a so-called fountain pen features a fine-liner tip in disguise of a nib. For lesser money, you can get decent rollerball or ballpoint pens that could use fine-line refills.

However, not everyone may feel the same way about this pen as I do. So, keep your options open and make a smart choice.

Back to School Basics

Vacation is over and it is time to face school again. Are you ready? I know, you don’t want to be but look at the bright side. All your friends are going to be there. Together you can survive another school year, can’t you? If the answer is yes, then you better hit school in style. Here are some essential things you must have to go back to school this year.

1. Notebooks: You cannot possibly go to school without notebooks. How else can you take notes or do assignments? While there are lots of plastic-coated, fancy notebooks available all over, why not up the ante and get some eco-friendly lokta notebooks. Remember, eco-friendly is the new cool. Color and pattern is not an issue, since these durable, hardcover notebooks come in endless color options. Stand out in the crowd of hundreds of schoolmates with these super-cool lokta books.

2. Pens and pencils: Again. You cannot go to school without the most important tool – writing instruments. This year, skip the fuss of sharpening the regular pencils and go with mechanicals. They come in an array of colors and look smart too. If you are already using pens by now, it is time you used something worthwhile. Shop for a classic Montblanc or Parker. They are a keeper and will last you longer than your school. Plus, a stunner pen as such will draw some attention: something you might enjoy.

3. Erasers: If you are learning something, you are bound to make mistakes. So, add a bunch of erasers to your shopping cart. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to keep it boring. You can find a variety of exciting erasers at stationary stores these days. I used to be a big cartoon fanatic, hence I always created an army of cartoon shaped erasers. Pick a bunch of variants of your own preference and have fun making mistakes. But do make sure, they do their work well.

4. Supply Pouch: Once you have all the essentials at hand, find a nice big pouch to keep them all safe. Of course, you can throw them all in the bag pack, but finding them later will be a much easier task if they are all in the pouch. This article here was always on the top of my back-to-school list, even before I picked up the other essentials.

5. Lunchbox: Who wants to eat cafeteria lunch? I don’t. One thing is for sure, nothing beats Mom’s cooking, no matter if it is a humble peanut butter and jelly sandwich, mac and cheese or something fancy like a club sandwich (that is the fanciest lunch I ever packed to school). So be prepared. Get yourself a nice, strong, not-to-forget cool lunch box and you are set to go.

6. Bag pack: I don’t see why it is necessary to buy a bag pack every year, since a good one lasts more than a year, at least two easily. But, in case you still want a new one, make sure they are comfortable, big enough to hold your textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies, and durable. Remember, that you will be carrying this every day to school so keep it simple.

7. Clothing and Shoes: Since, school starts in summer, get a couple of pair of shorts and nice airy tops. Focus on the fall and winter clothes and stack up on sweaters, denims, hoodies and caps. At least buy enough undergarments and socks to last you each week. Buy comfy shoes. You don’t want to be spending most of the school time in uncomfortable shoes that give you blisters. Girls, go with ballerina flats, easy strap on shoes, sneakers and warm boots. For boys, sneakers, sports shoes and strap on shoes look great all year around.