World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day

There has always been a difference between doing well and doing good. In a world age, where everyone is so engulfed by the desire of achieving something in life, there has been a notable negligence in finding out what you take for granted, might be a need to others. Amidst the slogans of human rights, humanitarianism speeches and huge ongoing projects; it’s quite ordinary to lay back and comment. But let’s not forget that we ourselves are capable of bringing that one small change that can make a huge difference.

Change starts from us, from our minds. If not go out in the fields to work, the finest we can do is – comprehend and acknowledge the ethics and zeal of those who do. Well, to be honest, we wouldn’t need this day to do so, but what better day?

August 19th has been declared by UN as World Humanitarian Day, a day of the year with other remaining 364 days to recognize the passion and effort of those who face millions of perils and adversity on their way to help the ones in need. United Nations define it as an opportunity to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the Globe.

The date coincides with the date in 2003 when United Nations’ Headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq was bombed. After a decade, this year too, United Nations continue their campaign of turning words into aid with their campaign. The theme for this year is THE WORLD NEEDS MORE. After the commemoration of World Humanitarian Day in 2009, various themes had been integrated successfully to credit the activities and attainment of the workers in this field. We are Humanitarian Workers, People Helping People are few themes including I Was Here for which Beyonce, the American singer also did an exclusive performance.

This day is also designated as the effect of persistent efforts of the Sérgio Vieira de Mello Foundation and his family working in corporation with the Ambassadors of various countries. Sergio Vleira de Mello, a Brazilian national who lived more than thirty years of his life as a UN service officer working in the most adverse of situations during conflict dedicated his life serving the humanitarian community. As a respect to such humanitarian leader in every humanitarian worker, for the courage and empathy in them, August 19th is an aspiration to achieve greater goals in humanitarianism.

To quote the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, “Humanitarian workers and their families are hit hardest by these crimes. But they are also felt by millions of others. Let us honor the fallen by protecting those who carry on their work – and supporting humanitarian relief operations worldwide.”

To find out more about this day and United Nations campaign, visit their official site.

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